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Kevin David


About Kevin David

Kevin David is a talented entrepreneur, author, and investor with extensive expertise in eCommerce and building financial freedom. Throughout his relatively short career, Kevin has built a following of hundreds of thousands of individuals who are looking to harness their entrepreneurial power and find financial freedom for themselves. With his exceptional insight, skill, and expertise, it’s no surprise that Kevin has been viewed more than a billion times across social media. His best-selling book, ‘Unfair Advantage,’ the ultimate blueprint for instructing entrepreneurs on how to turn their knowledge into income and break out of the 9-5 lifestyle. 

Kevin David held several lucrative positions early on in his career after graduating with his degree in Accounting and Business Information Systems. While the benefits were incredible and the potential careers were auspicious – he knew deep down that he would never be satisfied working for someone else as a cog in the machine. One night while working late, he stumbled upon Amazon FBA, and the rest – as they say – is history. Soon after, Kevin launched his first product through Amazon, and from there, his success proliferated. He left his corporate career and never looked back. Within 18 months, he built THATLifestyleNinja into the largest Amazon Facebook community in the world. 

Using his experience in eCommerce and his intellect, Kevin David quickly became one of the leading Amazon mentors and teachers in the world. He launched THATLifestyleNinja, his online training academy, to help instruct new entrepreneurs on how – even with no experience or skill – they can build booming online businesses from scratch. For the past four years, he’s been helping like-minded people leave behind the 9-5 lifestyle and free themselves from corporate slavery. With more than a million subscribers on YouTube and thousands of students, Kevin is continuing to create new entrepreneurial opportunities every day. 

Kevin David is a serial entrepreneur, an international bestselling author, an award-winning motivational speaker, and a top-ranked seller on Amazon who’s using his relentless perseverance and tireless pursuit of greatness and success to educate and excite the next generation of internet entrepreneurs. His experience, paired with his pinnacle devotion to his students and partners and his passion for teaching others on how to reach their full potential, is what helped Kevin grow his business from the ground up. 

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